Oct 22, 2016

Sri Lanka’s brand value jumps up to US $73.9 billion Featured

Sri Lanka’s nation brand value has jumped up to US $73.9 billion, Brand Finance’s global survey revealed.

This global report is available online at www.brandfinance.com.

According to the survey, strong nation branding can add between 1% and 3% to GNP and good governance is at the very heart of building the island’s reputation.

The global rating is arrived at by using a combination of government statistics, consensus forecasts, and analyst projections. Brand Finance’s periodic sources are the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg and the IMD World Competitiveness Report.

The analysis is based on in-depth research and combines a wide range of measurable economic, demographic, and political factors, the survey report indicated.

Accordingly, Sri Lanka’s brand rating which was at A+ last year has been now upgraded to AA- in 2016.

This is the rich outcome of good governance's reforms and changes since coming in to power in January 2015, government officials said.

The survey further disclosed that all the measurable indicators in the country’s performance show significant improvement: these indicators are Society-corruption, judicial system, security, quality of life, Investment-governance, taxation, infrastructure, ease of doing business, talent and goods and services-trade rules, government policy, and tourism.

With a brand value of $ 73.9 billion, which is an increase of 9%, Sri Lanka is now ranked 55th has moved 2 places up from last year’s 57th position.

The global report provides a comprehensive analysis on the world’s leading nation brands and the impact that a country’s reputation and image has on stakeholders and investors.

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